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Content is one of many tools which visitors have at their disposal when trying to complete their task on your website. The question is whether or not the content you've provided is sufficient to do the job.

Web content doesn't have to do it all, but quite frankly, all the other tools you have - search, navigation, buttons, etc - really only play a supporting role. Ample time spent on the content is never wasted - formatting, writing, rewriting, reformatting. If you haven't taken a good look at your content lately, chances are... no one else has either.

    Our Customers

Rider is an extremely responsible IT supplier... personable and easy to work with. My relationship with [Rider] has been both enjoyable and productive.
- Ken


Website Maintenance


We charge $65 per hour for standard site maintenance. 

Clients are encouraged to consider setting up a "retainer" to obtain a discount on services regularly obtained.  For example, you might notice that you need our services a few hours every month or two.  By keeping us on retainer, you are guaranteed a 24hr turn-around on simple site edits and we discount the hourly rate.  The amount we discount depends on the amount we’re retained for.  The more hours you "reserve" the less it costs.  See terms below.

Standard Retainer Deluxe Retainer Pro Retainer


We’re ready to help bring your site into the present and prep it for the future. We can assist with:

  • New Web Pages
  • Graphic Updates
  • Text Modifications
  • Link Updating
  • Layout Modifications
  • Email Account Setup
  • FTP Account Setup
  • Domain Registrations/Renewals
  • Online Forms
  • Hijacked sites
  • And more…


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