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Content is one of many tools which visitors have at their disposal when trying to complete their task on your website. The question is whether or not the content you've provided is sufficient to do the job.

Web content doesn't have to do it all, but quite frankly, all the other tools you have - search, navigation, buttons, etc - really only play a supporting role. Ample time spent on the content is never wasted - formatting, writing, rewriting, reformatting. If you haven't taken a good look at your content lately, chances are... no one else has either.

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Rider is an extremely responsible IT supplier... personable and easy to work with. My relationship with [Rider] has been both enjoyable and productive.
- Ken


About Us


Nick Rider is founder/CEO of Rider MultiMedia. Motivated and client-focused, he works continuously to understand the ingredients to successful websites. Whether it be a whitepaper, great book, or on-the-job experience, Nick enjoys evaluating and researching. He has studied at Ball State University, Taylor University, and has a Bachelor's Degree from Indiana Wesleyan University in Business Informaiton Systems..

Currently a full time employee of Indiana Wesleyan University, Nick enjoys working with an outstanding team to deliver web solutions for the campus community. His vision for Rider MultiMedia is for it to become a valuable partner for businesses in the Grant, Howard, and Miami county areas.


Rider MultiMedia first took shape in 2005 with a broad focus on technology. From video editing and media duplication to software and hardware troubleshooting Gradually, Nick has focused the company's attention on website development, usability and design. Rider now serves mainly as a web developer and consultant for businesses (large and small) and individuals in the East Central Indiana region.

Nick runs the business with the utmost priority on integrity - of product and character.


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